‘Tell Ya Friends’ Show Preview

By: Seamus Fay

This coming Friday at the Sound Lab in Brockton (address listed on the flyer above), the ‘Tell Ya Friends’ show featuring Marvelous Stefan, Pat Despage, MyCompiledThoughts, Luke Bars, Lord Felix, and Garret will be happening, also featuring sounds from LoLoTheGod and hosted by Ricky Felix. This is a star-studded lineup when it comes to the young talent coming out of Brockton and the Boston area right now, and with so many equally exciting performances to see for such a low cost, I definitely recommend you don’t miss this one. It will be an important night, to say the least. Check out some music from each artist on the bill below to prepare for the ‘Tell Ya Friends’ event:

Marvelous Stefan

Marvelous Stefan is one of the most versatile artists on the scene right now, and with the ability to jump from hype songs to emotional masterpieces without missing a beat, I would definitely say that he’s worth going to see live. Stefan has what it takes to make waves far beyond Brockton, and I’m sure his music and overall image will do so soon. Don’t sleep; check out Marvelous Stefan below:

Pat Despage

Although I admittedly don’t know much about Pat Despage, I know that this song is dope. Between some impressive vocals and intricate storytelling, the following song definitely stood out to me upon first listen, and I’m sure there’s more where that came from, so don’t sleep. Check out Pat Despage below.


MyCompiledThoughts is an extremely talented songwriter and singer that has won over many fans of the Boston scene with the ample emotion in his songs and positive attitude as a person. Trust me when I say he has some real talent; he’s dropped off quite a bit of quality work and I won’t be surprised to watch him rise to the top soon.

Luke Bars

Luke Bars is a Brockton rapper with a dope style, killing it lyrically on every track he’s on and never failing to impress listeners with relatable, entertaining music to hold on to. His music only gets better as it ages, and with such intricate flows and dope deliveries behind them, Bars is surely a must-see live.

Lord Felix

Lord Felix has been on my radar for some time now, and with a plethora of incredible music, clothes, snippets, etc., he has become one of my favorite upcoming artists out of Brockton. Not only does he have bangers such as the track below, but Felix is also skilled at giving fans emotional, descriptive stories of the cycle of love and heartbreak that hit so close to home for many. I’ve heard he also performs “Ferrari Felix” live sometimes, and if you know anything about that unreleased classic, you understand that you can’t miss his performance.


I saw Garrett live for the first time about a month ago and I must say he was one of the best artists I’ve seen perform as of yet. With multiple crowd surfs and his ability to entertain and grab the undivided attention of an entire crowd at once, Garrett’s live performance skills only enhance his music (which is already something special in its own respect) and bring it to another level. Although the following is an older song of his, I must say it’s one of my favorites of his and a perfect introduction to the young talent and his style.

Sounds From LoLoTheGod

LoLoTheGod is one of the most hardworking producers in the scene right now, garnering respect from some of the biggest names out of Boston and consistently proving himself to be someone that you need to pay attention to. Listen to one of his placements on Vintage Lee’s new project below:

Hosted by Ricky Felix

Beyond hosting shows and consistently providing the world with great tweets, Ricky Felix is a talented producer with the skill it takes to make some important moves throughout the local scene and beyond. Get hip below, and be sure to pay attention to all the music he has put out.



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