Pistola – Swang (Remix) ft. DRAM [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

After becoming a local classic with its ability to shut down any venue at any given time, Boston has known that Pistola’s “Swang” had some serious potential for some time now. And earlier this year it was pushed even further towards this potential with a cosign from D.R.A.M. after Michael Christmas showed him the track, eventually leading to an official remix of Pistola’s hit featuring the Hampton, VA native himself. Today we get the Mike Squires-directed music video for the “Swang” remix, featuring the two artists rapping and dancing the song with a genuine energy that has to make you a fan if you weren’t already.

It’s a proud moment not only for Pistola, but for Boston, as we watch one of the standout artists in the city gain more and more traction with his infectious music and showmanship. I won’t be surprised as we watch Pistola’s stock continue to rise in the future, so trust me when I say you shouldn’t sleep on this and check out the visuals for “Swang” (Remix) below:

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