TreYouth – “How It Go”

By: Seamus Fay

I found out about TreYouth from the snippet he posted a few days ago on Twitter of this music video. With what sounded like a tight song and PINKSLIP as the director, I knew “How It Go” deserved some attention. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Perfect for a late night car ride, this single never gets ahead of itself, using a mellow, passionate energy to fuel the fire throughout. And, as it may be known by now, I’m a big fan of the hard-hitting drums contrasting the hypnotic, looming melody. The visuals compliment it well, too, with attractive scenes of Boston at sunset and smooth transitions between clips hitting right with the beat.

I also need to mention the scene right near the end (at 1:59) when Tre sings “Don’t give a f*ck about Hollywood/ If I could, then I could/ But I don’t, I just should” as the beat goes in. Not only is that part of the song my favorite, but the quick-hitting clips of Tre through the sunroof of a car emphasize his stance on the world around him and how he sticks out as an artist – PINKSLIP never fails to impress. Peep the video for “How It Go” below, and make sure you don’t sleep on Tre.Youth.

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