MyCompiledThoughts – “Romeo and Juliet” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

After some teasing on Twitter, it’s finally here. MyCompiledThoughts has blessed us with the music video for his latest song “Romeo and Juliet” (featuring a new Marvelous Stefan verse), a track dripping with raw emotion and a dying love that screams with passion. Being that this is one of my favorite tracks from the quickly-rising Boston artist, I was very excited to see MCT and director Daymian Meija talking on Twitter about the release throughout the past few days.

The visual treatment for this video finds our main character, MCT, in the woods with several women, visibly shaken up by the thought of dying alone and making his confusion with love so apparent. Throughout the journey of figuring himself out and what he wants out of love, the visuals end with a slowed down cut of the song, as Thoughts sees his girl dead with the potion she drank in the beginning of the video. From there, nothing but a black screen, letting the viewers take on the ending in their own heads.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 6.43.16 PM.png

I’m definitely a fan of these visuals, as they push “Romeo and Juliet” to its full potential – a well-written story that paints such a vivid image of everything that Thoughts talks about, it was only a matter of time until someone turned it into a short film. I want to mention Marvelous Stefan’s role in this as well. His short, very direct verse pushes the song right to the edge before the ending with the girl dying is shown. Not only is it a solid verse on its own, but it plays into the story perfectly, furthering the plot and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Watch the music video for “Romeo and Juliet” below, directed by Daymian Meija and Asia Curtis:


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