Cave – “+++GIMME DA’ LIGHT+++”

By: Seamus Fay

Here to continue his hot streak, Cave blessed us with his newest track “+++GIMMA DA’ LIGHT+++” today, an energetic, dope single that speaks on the ongoing narrative that the Boston artist has told with his last few songs. The self-produced banger makes perfect sense with Cave’s style, clearly apparent when you look at how tight his flow fits the beat. He’s confident as ever, unforgiving to those around him as he proclaims what’s going on his head – “Thinkin bout a hundred grand/ Straight up out that underground”. I can honestly say that this release has grown my love of the way Cave switches between emotions so effortlessly. One second he raps directly to a girl, completely vulnerable in his ways with his heart wide open, quickly changing the next second to a tunnel-visioned, sometimes emotionally-removed mind state that still works well with the song.

And the artwork. I can’t go without mentioning it. It’s a slightly spastic combination of bold contrast and pictures that tell stories within themselves, bound to turn heads, just as it did mine. It’s one of my favorite elements of this release, adding to the uniqueness of Cave’s vision. Listen to “+++GIMME DA’ LIGHT+++” below:


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