An Interview With Maye Star

By: Seamus Fay


A proud Roxbury native, Maye Star is making waves all throughout the Boston area and beyond with his “God of Groove” mindset and commitment to his home city, or, as he calls it, Boss City. His positive energy and incredible vocal talents come together to find their potential in frequent collaborator Sevnth’s production, providing for some of the best artist-producer chemistry in the city right now, and with so many high-quality music videos out to match his unique talents, it only makes sense that Star has racked up tens of thousands of plays on his songs. Below is an interview with him that we did via Twitter DM. Enjoy.

So, you’re from Roxbury right?

Yes, I’m indeed from the Rox.

What was your childhood like there?

Very 2 sided – not even more like 3, lol. One life I’m with my dad on Warren street at the WILD radio station since he was a radio host there. One side I was with my grandmother (father’s mother) either at church for choir rehearsal, bible study, or just riding with her in that green Volvo running her errands. Fast forward a lil older, and my grandmother who was best friend passes away, so I’m living with my cousin at her old house. My father was so busy, I was on streets with my homies or sometimes my older cousin & I’d be around a lot of shit the Rox is known for. The radio station from 5 years old til 12 had me exposed to all sorts of sounds & music.

How do you think having all those different aspects of your life going on and changing at the same time shaped you as a person?

Well, you live and you learn – the more you live through, the more you take in and can learn from. You learn the importance of perspective which definitely explains the versatility in my music. I’d also say my music is very moody, too, lol.

Can you explain what “god of groove” means to you and it’s significance?

Ayeeeee, yes man, God of Groove man. That’s forever the mood haha. I like to look at myself, or at least what I would like to become, as a walking groove… a walking rhythm. All my idols were groovy. It’s more of the goal; that’s what I want to go down as… Maye Star, the God of Groove, forever a Boss City Kid, tho.

Who are your idols?

Michael Jackson, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Sade, George Clinton, Pac… literally can’t forget about Pac.

I wanted to ask you specifically about Michael Jackson’s influence on your music – in the beginning of the music video for “Dirty Side” you use the same font used in the beginning of the Thriller video. Why did you choose to do that and how did MJ specifically influence you?

Ayeeee, I see you paying attention to detail! Mike is just the all around best. He influences me in literally every aspect – how he just got lost in the music when recording and when performing. You can feel what he was feeling to a certain degree, he is just the perfect example to look at for greatness.

That man said, “study the greats & become greater”… I’m studying hard. Have to always have a schedule, have to always be moving towards that greatness.

If you could use one quote to sum yourself up as a person and an artist, what would that quote be?

Definitely the one on my arm.

For those who don’t know, can you explain the Boss City movement?

Boss city is just the new age of Boston. Bean town is cool, but let’s evolve; there’s a lot of young bosses out here man, a chunk of young heard/unheard talent, and we finna boss up heavy. I’m bringing a new type of unity. It’s time for Boss City to be known as the new wave. We’ve been dope, but we finna boss up on something extreme.

Speaking of local talent, I noticed the Vintage Lee cameo in your latest video for Boss City Promise. How did you link up with her?

Well, I grew up on Gaston right down the street from her. My sister, Fab, introduced me to her. They are very close friends and my sister is her DJ as well. We family. We do family shit, smoke together, pray together.

The SuperSmashBroz are also Roxbury natives who picked up your song “Adjacent” for their upcoming project – what’s your relationship with them like?

Roxbury family, it’s always love with those guys, they’re doing something great for the city. Maybe we’ll do something else down the line.

You seem to work with Sevnth and Tag very often, how did you meet them?

Well, I’m a free agent right now, but my previous manager met Sevnth when he was working at Guitar Center back in like 2013. He only had about 3000 followers at the time and his sounds were much much different. At that time he was doing a lot of jazz samples and making a nice groove to them. He made this futuristic beat that was on his page, I downloaded it and recorded the joint on it which was going to be a song called “Nice Guys”.

Pretty much after he heard that, he hit me up and said yo we have to collab on something together (production), I was like for sure, and I went out to his house the following week. He was working out of his living room at the time. This is 2014. Fast forward, and here we are right now.

I met Tag shortly after meeting Sevnth. He was working at a studio at the time and a friend of mine from New York had put me on to him and thought we’d work well together. He is a Scorpio like me, so the vibes were already popping. Then, once he heard the track I was doing, (mind you I was probably 18 or 19 at the time) he was blown tf away. Fast forward to 2014 and it’s him, Sevnth, & myself in the lab all the time making what we are expecting to be hits.

None of this is possible without Sevnth’s production and my bro Tag’s mixing. We did something special and they were very patient with me.

What are you working on right now and what can fans expect in the coming future from Maye Star?

I’m working on the album that has taken 4 years to make. It’s my baby & it’s going to say a lot about me as an artist and show what else Boss City has to offer – a whole new sound. It’s called TINAA, exclusively produced by Sevnth. I’ll be dropping bombs for now while shaping that, visuals on deck. I worked with a lot of different directors on this project.

[TINAA is] much more than an album. It’s more like proof. Proof of what a youngin from the Rox or from anywhere can do by just staying true and showing love, staying patient, & accepting what life hits you with. At the same time, we do it in a groovy & fly fashion haha.

Any estimate of when it might be out?

Here’s a hint: when the scorpion gets hit with the arrow. That’s all imma say.

Any shoutouts you want to give?

Just to Sev, Tag, CH!LD, my homie Jerry on the left coast, the whole Top Squad family and of course my Wealthy Living Family….no TINAA without any of them.


I’m grateful that I was able to interview Maye Star. His knowledge of those who came before him and the paths that they paved for people like him to create are much appreciated by Star, illustrating one of the main reasons why his talent and energy are both so unique. With TINAA coming “when the scorpion gets hit with the arrow”, I can’t wait for what the Roxbury native is going to give us, and I feel that I understand his vision more clearly now that we had this conversation. Thank you again to Maye Star for interview, and be sure to check him out on social media below.

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