RAMS – “Disease!” Prod. MAKA

By: Seamus Fay

Before we get into this track, it needs to be said that neither RAMS nor MAKA can miss right now; they’re constantly raising the bar and to see them find their sweet spots sonically has been quite entertaining for fans. The two are here today with a new single titled “Disease” featuring RAMS on the vocals and MAKA on the production, coming together to make an undeniable banger that has flex written all over it. Proclaiming that “this stuntin my disease” or my personal favorite “I look like I’m scoring (Swishhh)”, among other quotable lines, RAMS isn’t backing down from anyone with this release. He’s feeling himself, and, if given this hard of a beat, I probably would be, too.

Most noteworthy is the changing flow of the now-Brooklyn resident, showcasing one of his best skills that, in all honesty, I completely underrated until today. RAMS weaves throughout the beat with ease, gracefully showing listeners why we need to give him the credit he deserves, and when he came through with a vengeance in that first verse, I was sold. Listen to “Disease!” below and trust me when I say you need to keep an eye on both RAMS and MAKA, they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

“She talking I say but I got the answers/ Off the Hennesy we dirty dancing/ Off the Hennesy we dirty dancing/ Off the Hennesy we can do anything/ Give her love just don’t give her wedding rings”

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