Cave – “Who’s Next”

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve ever heard “Tank E” by Cave, you understand that when he gets together with MAKA, fans are in for something special. And the power duo is thankfully back with a new track today titled “Who’s Next”, a warm-weather song that will have your head bobbing the second it starts. Filled with a wavy yet simplistic melody from MAKA, the track is a big change from Cave’s usual aggressive and emotional cuts, acting as a breather as it steps back from his problems and lets him have fun a bit.

With confrontational and raw lyricism, Cave’s style in this release is best described by looking at the artwork pictured above – the soft pink background representing MAKA’s production and its innocently oceanic appeal, and the snake in the middle representing Cave’s energy and often times explicit descriptions of things. Although it is looked at as a more aggressive animal, the flower print of the snake’s skin shows the lighter mood that Cave picked for “Who’s Next” – an emphasis on the switch up of his style for this single.

I’m definitely going to have this track in my rotation for the rest of the summer, and I highly reccomend that you do too. Listen to “Who’s Next” below:


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