Marvelous Stefan – “DOUBLE TAP!” ft. B!KO

By: Seamus Fay

On his most recent project, Are You Happy?, Marvelous Stefan detailed the wide array of emotions that he felt following love and during love, a never-ending story of sorts that had listeners questioning themselves and others. And with his newest track “DOUBLE TAP!” featuring fellow Brockton artist B!KO, Stefan shows his versatility by giving us the other side of love – a much less emotionally invested relationship. The Van Buren artist talks about the types of girls he likes best, making for a banger that could easily run a live show and control the crowd with its chaotic, scattered energy (one of the traits I like best about “DOUBLE TAP!”).

The simplistic, hard-hitting production, done by Powers, focuses on the lyrics and the delivery of Marvelous Stefan to fuel this energy, with B!KO adding the perfect touch of hype to top it off in his quick, quotable verse. Listen to “DOUBLE TAP!” below, and peep the artwork above done by Lord Felix, another frequent topic on this site.

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