Tee-WaTT Speaks On The Making of ‘One Night Only’

By: Seamus Fay

This past Wednesday, Cousin Stizz finally dropped his highly-anticipated third mixtape One Night Only, an ambitious 13 track project that has been very well received in its first few days out, with many listeners to let Stizz and his team know that they successfully hit a 3-peat between Suffolk County, MONDA, and ONO (this also made for some very necessary Jordan photoshops). Throughout the tape, the Dorchester native tells detailed stories about his life, providing fans with the some of the most genuine and honest verses out right now and never failing to live up to his most recent tagline – “Real Life”.

Aside from the vivid storytelling and infectious hooks, the production on One Night Only is playing a major role in attracting fans, an aspect of Stizz’s music that has helped fuel his empire from the start. One of the reasons for this is the consistency in producers that has been present throughout all three of his projects. By this point, we’re used to seeing names like Tee-WaTT, M. Ali, DumDrumz, and more listed on the credits, all producers who have impressed greatly when supplying Stizz with production.

Yesterday, I asked frequent collaborator Tee-WaTT for a story about the making of Stizz’s newest project, and here’s what he shared:

“After Monda dropped, Stizz told me he wanted to have more fun and bounce so that’s what I worked on specifically. For ONO, M.Ali and I probably sent over 70 beats- sending beats every few days. Whatever caught Stizz ear he would send me like 20 emojis and be like yeah “This the hard bro” haha. 
Tim Larew wanted the tape done by February. However as mentioned, sample clearances set us back months  – one song being “Lambo” and another one I had produced that hasn’t been released yet. So we had a major set back because Lambo was a huge song for the tape plus we had a deadline to meet. 
So literally we had like 3 weeks to make new songs to seal the tape. At this point, Tim gave me the realest pep talk. He basically said it’s crunch time and that he believed in me and Stizz to deliver quality music….
So I made a few jams. I got Tedd to send me some melodies, one being the melody to “Paid”- which is amazing. 
Then M.Ali and I made “Paper Calling” over Face Time lol. M.Ali was working on this melody and I was like “yeaaaahhhh send that now” and I finished that in like 30 mins.
And we did just that. Stizz really got in his bag and delivered a great tape. We all really bonded through the struggles of this tape which is beautiful. Now it’s Album time…”

And we’ll leave it at that. Stizz and Tee-Watt alike are ready to take the throne, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is slowing them down. So get ready for the future, we have a lot coming our way. Listen to One Night Only below.

***Note: Tee-WaTT produced “Switch Places”, “Lambo”, “Paid” (w/ Tedd Boyd), “Paper Calling” (w/ M. Ali), and “Doubted Me”.


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