T. Belle – “Hunger Pain”

By: Seamus Fay

Randomly appearing in my Twitter timeline earlier this week, I was immediately a fan when I heard T. Belle’s latest single “Hunger Pain”. The emotion of the song is apparent from start to finish, giving listeners an honest account of Belle’s life and his aspirations for the future, anticipating success and refusing to settle for anything less. The R E T R O 1 production on “Hunger Pain” was another major selling point for me, as it calmly captured the subject matter of the song while enhancing the feel of it.

With lines this catchy and a beat so easy to fall in love with, T. Belle might just have something special on his hands. His easygoing flow and ability to ride the beat out with style and grace will surely resonate well with new listeners, and I truly believe that this track has the potential to do numbers. Listen to “Hunger Pain” below:

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