Stefan Kohli – ‘100 Hours In Boston’ [Photo Project]

By: Seamus Fay

For background, I’ve never been a huge fan of photography. I mean it’s definitely interesting to see pictures of artist I like or from a concert I went to, but I’ve never gone out of my way to find some buzzing, new photographer. But luckily, Stefan Kohli happened to stumble into my Twitter timeline with his pictures of Cousin Stizz; And then after that, I noticed him again from his interactions with Tim Larew on social media. Soon enough, I kept seeing his name next to something about a photo project, yet still never clicked on his page. This project happened to be ‘100 Hours In LA’, and when I finally gave in and clicked on the link one random night out of boredom, I was hooked.

Not only did I love seeing the candid moments behind the curtains of my favorite artists, but it stuck with me every time I was able to recognize where the picture had come from – for example, the picture of Big Sean and Madeintyo together on set of the “Skateboard P (Remix)” music video is the one I remember best.

On his website, Kohli describes the ‘100 HOURS’ series with this:

[The ‘100 HOURS’ series captures trips to different cities filled with shooting, exploring, and drawing inspiration from every city’s unique energy.

And I couldn’t have said it better. This photo project caught my eye at first just because of how many times I was seeing “Stefan Kohli” in my timeline, but after finally clicking on the link, I was surprised to discover that I wasn’t only looking at what his lens caught – I was looking at the way the talented photographer experienced everything around him in that seemingly chaotic period of time. The “unique energy” that he captures so well was the selling point in my first interaction with the project, giving light to this whole world going on during shows backstage, in the artists’ dressing rooms (tents) at Boston calling, or anywhere else where you might not ever think about.

So check out Stefan Kohli’s latest installment of the ‘100 HOURS’ series titled ‘100 HOURS IN BOSTON’including behind the scenes pictures from events including Boston calling, the shoot of the newly-released “Headlock” video by Cousin Stizz, and others. Don’t wait to click on the link out of boredom, because this project just might help you appreciate photography more thoroughly like it did for me.


Also – I need to mention how tight the cover of the project is (click on the link above to see it). Thank you for this, Stefan.


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