Austin Fair – “Kangol Hat” ft. Humbeats

By: Seamus Fay

Austin Fair has been on a roll lately, proving himself as a rising artist that fans of the local scene need to keep an eye on. In addition, Fair has undoubtedly been finding his sound with these past few releases, teaming up with Humbeats and showing the chemistry that the two have together and how well he knows his capabilities and style. The Chicopee rapper is back again with a single from his upcoming project EVERLASTING, a summer-essential titled “Kangol Hat” that will have you singing it in your head after the first listen.

The track only further establishes that Austin Fair and Humbeats together are a problem, mixing Fair’s luxurious bars with the Randolph producer’s energy-filled production. Check out “Kangol Hat” below, and be sure to support EVERLASTING when it comes out on July 4th. And by the way, according to Fair’s Twitter, we should be on the lookout for “Kangol Hat” visuals soon!


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