Rugby Lo Sport – “Wally Slippin'” [Prod. SadderRyuken]

By: Seamus Fay

Rugby Lo Sport is creating the soundtrack for your next function with his newest “Wally’ Slippin'”. The bright melody and catchy drum patterns emphasize a contrast between the production and the subject matter, as Rugby tends to go for a harder, storytelling approach on the track. Talking about the inability of some people to handle their drugs, he describes some funny situations but remains tapped into a street-rap kind of style that comes off genuinely raw. It’s as much fun as it is lyrical, a great balance to have and one that gives “Wally Slippin'” the potential to be played in several different situations.

The production on this release is definitely a highlight for me, although listeners could surely fall in love with the lyrics and story on this one because of its relatability. In fact, someone supposedly misjudged their limits at a party and puked on Rugby just recently, giving this track an even more interesting and relatable touch. You gotta give him some credit, he made a fire song out of a not-so-fun situation. Listen to the new banger “Wally Slippin'” below and check out some of his other songs on SoundCloud here.


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