Booty Bae – “LAWSUITS” Prod. 1kLowkey

By: Seamus Fay

It just doesn’t end with Booty Bae – it seems like he never runs out of fun, relatable songs, and now he’s back with a new one titled “LAWSUITS”. Like the others, “LAWSUITS” is a wave. With bright production from 1kLowkey and catchy lines full of the charisma that has brought Booty Bae to where he is, this is yet another song to put in your summer playlist. It’s triumphant in a lot of ways, highlighting the progress that the Lawsuit Boys artist has made so far, yet he still provides the sense that he’s talking directly to his listeners, having fun while doing so.

I honestly don’t think it will be long until Booty Bae blows up. He has thousands of plays on his songs, and with so much consistently dope music, at least one will really catch on. I have to say I love what he has going on, and I can’t wait for more. He could keep dropping singles for the rest of his career and I’d be fine with it, knowing that each one is going to go just as hard if not harder than the previous. So check out “LAWSUITS” below and make sure you hop on the Booty Bae wave before it takes off.

P.S. – You gotta love the artwork. Not many artists will use a blurry picture of them with their cat as their artowrk, and yet with Booty Bae’s fun personality and image, it makes sense. He embraces all the quirks he has, a trait that you have to respect.

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