Brady Watt – “Youth In Revolt” ft. Michael Christmas

By: Seamus Fay

Michael Christmas doesn’t tend to rap very fast on his solo efforts, but in his newest feature verse on Brady Watt’s “Youth In Revolt”, he loses it and successfully throws out a very fast-paced verse. The song features a very simple melody, with focus on the nearly spastic drums that keep pushing Christmas to go harder. And even with such a quick verse, Christmas still shows his same charisma and style with short lines that he just fits in.

Once it gets to the last minute or so, a bold guitar solo comes in, leading to a final chorus from Christmas, which at the moment is my favorite part of the track. There’s barely any time to think with “Youth In Revolt” and I definitely think that if this song were performed live, it would go crazy. Listen to “Youth In Revolt” below.


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