New Big Leano Snippets From Maxo Kream Show

By: Seamus Fay

Big Leano performed at a Maxo Kream show at Brighton Hall last night, premiering a new song (which we don’t know the name of at the moment) that seems to have the crowd going crazy. Seeing other videos from the show, I can’t lie, I was pretty salty I wasn’t able to go. Leano looked like he was killing it and like always, “Lean For Sale” seemed to just about shut the place down. Check out the snippets of the unreleased song below and get ready for new Leano hopefully coming this year.

We also have this snippet of the song from a studio session that’s better quality:

Leano also performed alongside Cousin Stizz at one point, even playing an unreleased song that the two have together. It’s unclear whether this will be on ONO or Leano’s next project, but all we can do right now is hope this song gets released soon because it’s sounding like heat. Check it out below:

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