Jay Kenny – “Lil Bro” ft. Booty Bae

By: Seamus Fay

Jay Kenny emerged with a new track by the name of “Lil Bro” last night featuring Booty Bae. Switching flows multiple times throughout the track yet, Kenny puts his talents on display with his verses and the melodic, well-written hook. The Lowell native doesn’t miss a beat on this one, and he times his transition from verse to chorus perfectly in sync with the drops, a tactic that could potentially make this a must-see live. Booty Bae has the closing verse on “Lil Bro”, and it may just be one of my favorite verses from him so far. He explains how music is putting him in a better situation and his love for it is definitely apparent in each and every line. You can hear the song below, and get ready for Jay Kenny’s new EP School’s Out Ghouls Out coming in June.

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