Booty Bae – “I Hate Talking To You”

By: Seamus Fay

The Arsenal’s Booty Bae is back with a new track titled “I Hate Talking To You” to keep his hot streak going. Although it’s more laid back than some of the other tracks he has dropped recently, Booty Bae still hits the target for me with this one. The 8-bit sounding synth lets his voice ride out on each line and the young artist’s talent of writing catchy lyrics continues to shine through with “I Hate Talking To You”.

Booty Bae is building up his resume quick with all of the great releases lately, and once the summer comes I think he’s going to be even more of a problem. He was dropping some of my favorite warm-weather songs in the middle of the winter, so who knows what’s to come. You can hear “I Hate Talking To You” below.

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