VALLEY – “Fab” and “Atari”

By: Seamus Fay

Dorchester’s own VALLEY is here with two, new bright tracks titled “Atari” and “Fab”. Both produced by Stoop Kid, these two singles are much different than “Landed”, his well-received first release from earlier this year, with how upbeat they are, and the fact that VALLEY is still able to go so hard on such a different type of production shows his versatility more than anything. “Fab” and “Atari” are both about the Dorchester artist feeling himself and describing everything he deals with on the daily, teaching fans more about who he is and showing everyone a new side of rap that he’s able to shine on.

Both of these tracks are very catchy, and the melodic vocals make both of them a wave – proof that no matter where VALLEY wants to go with his new music, he can still show us the same skill of being able to develop a strong atmosphere and aesthetic with each track. “Fab” and “Atari” will definitely stay in my playlists for a while, and I can’t wait for an entire VALLEY project. He could go in any direction at this point, so the ball is in his court to continue to grow his fanbase and make great music. You can hear “Fab” and “Atari” below.


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