Cave – “TANK E”

By: Seamus Fay

Cave, or The Samo D, is here with a new banger titled “TANK E” produced by MAKA, a Cambridge artist who he has become good friends with. The song is surely meant to translate live, acting as an easy way to get any crowd going at a show. “TANK E” shows us Cave’s skills well, as he hits every beat right on the head with short, blunt bars and a screaming delivery. With the production, MAKA shows off his versatility, making a simple, aggressive beat that differs greatly from the usual wavier beats he makes for himself. I’m definitely a fan of this, knowing that the next time I see Cave live, it’s going to be something else. You can hear the song below.

P.S. – I think the fact that the artwork is Cave in a hospital bed says something about this song being performed live…


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