King J – “Kitty Kat Freestyle”

By: Seamus Fay

King J, originally from Atlanta but now in Boston, shows us who he is with his new “Kitty Kat Freestyle” over Beyoncè’s original “Kitty Kat” beat. Representing extremely well for The Arsenal, he kills it lyrically and shows quite a bit of versatility with the way he switches his flow up multiple times. Even doing so, King J never loses track of the beat and consistently smooth throughout the whole song, dancing while he raps to add to his flow. I’m a big fan of him after hearing this, and when I went to his Soundcloud I was pleasantly surprised with much more heat, all following the same wave that he displays in “Kitty Kat Freestyle”. King J is definitely someone to watch, so enjoy this track for now and get ready for more from him.

“Compared to me you get embarrassed/ Cuz I don’t make a  whole lot of errors/ I smash and pull out like a dresser/ Then I get to the bread like Panera”


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