Reko Talks On Making The Visuals For “Landed”

To start off the year, Dorchester artist VALLEY dropped a complete masterpiece with a song and accompanying visuals titled “Landed”. After being quiet for years as he plotted his debut, VALLEY came forward and impressed everyone greatly, immediately solidifying his spot as someone to watch in the upcoming scene. The colorful, creative visuals for the song show that there’s no ceiling for him, especially considering that this was his first drop. Similarly, it was also Reko, the director’s, debut, too. Not only does this video show both of their unique talents, but it shows their attention to detail and great work ethic at the same time. I was fortunate enough to ask Reko a few questions about the making of the video which you can see below:

How did the collaboration come up? And how was the concept of the video decided?

To be honest, I don’t know how the collaboration came up. VALLEY and I work well together, so everything we do is organic. The concept of the video, however, was inspired off of old Outkast music videos.

How long did it take to shoot?

The video itself did not take long to shoot. It probably took 4 full days to get all the footage. It was the editing that took long. I was editing “Landed” for months, trying to make it look as professional as possible.

Where was it shot?

The video was shot all over North Carolina. VALLEY and I had to go out there twice because we weren’t satisfied with what we had the first time we came home.

Valley has said that the video was influenced by the visuals for “B.O.B” by Outkast. Was it the plan the whole time to try to model the colors after that video?

Yes, the colors were very much inspired off of that video. However, when VALLEY told me that was the inspiration, I did not go search for the video to refresh my memory because I didn’t want to be too influenced or copy what they did. I just based it off of what I remembered from that video and capitalized on the outrageous colorization VALLEY wanted.

Considering that a lot of fans still don’t know much about Valley, in what ways do you think the video represents him and his style?

For right now, I think people can look at “Landed” and appreciate his naturalism. This was my first ever video, but this was also his. Considering all of this, I think the video shows his vision, his confidence, but also his rarity. I think if people liked this video then they are going to love what’s to come.

The song and video alike had a very drugged-out feel to them. Was it your goal to create that feeling with them or did you realize that you wanted it to go in that direction once you started shooting?

So the song “Landed” is 3 years old and was a freestyle, that turned into a mood, that turned into a lifestyle. That is one of the main reasons we chose to release this song and visual first as his debut even though he has better/newer songs. It meant something to VALLEY and the people around him and tells a very specific story. The “drugged out” feel for the song and video was not intentional. I think drugs are a part of our culture right now so people find it easy to relate drugs to any work of art. Personally, I was treating this video like a painting and wanted to create a video that people would want to stare at and re-watch, just in case they missed something. I wanted people to dissect the video and perceive it in their own way, just like a painting.


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