An Interview With LoLoTheGod

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LoLoTheGod is a fashion designer and producer from Brockton that is ready to take over the city. With production credits ranging from Mikey Tha Savage and YG Addie to Big Leano and Millyz, his versatile skills make him a very exciting figure in the scene. With fashion, he has proven to trust his vision, and it has paid off so far. LoLo’s leader of the pack mindset puts him on the cutting edge, constantly pushing the ball forward and providing a unique perspective on things. You can read the interview with him below.

So just to get things going, you’re from Brockton, right?

Yes sir, North side of Brockton.

What was your childhood like? Did your parents have any influence on you early on in fashion or music?

iGrew up kinda sheltered. Since we lived around “bad neighborhoods” my parents didn’t want me caught up in the mix of all that; can’t blame em but I’d always have to sneak my way around them so iCould bump the Hustler’s P.O.M.E album. So naw, my parents don’t really influence my art.

Where did your love for rap grow from? What made you want to listen to it enough that you snuck it by your parents?

iDon’t know really, iJust did what iWanted to. But really my cousins put me on. iAlways looked up to them because they were the cool ones. My older cousin Rollins would bless me with Jordans he didn’t wear anymore; iRemember when he passed me wheat 13s, smh those are classics, iWish iStill had those.

That’s tight. With that, how did you get into fashion? Did your cousins inspire you to pay attention to fashion by giving you the Jordans they didn’t wear, or was it something else?

Haha, naw, iGot into fashion kinda late, way after iStarted doing music. I always dressed the coolest at my schools and stuff, always had style, but watchin Ian Connor Via internet got me into fashion.

What was it about Ian Connor that inspired you?

Ian just don’t give a fuck, lol, but most importantly we have like minds.

In what way are you and Ian like minded?

Me and Ian, as well as a lot of other people, have been able to break free of the systematic way of thinking that many people abide by today.

Do you bring that same mindset into your music and Blur Visuals?

Of course, iBring it everywhere lol…

Do you think it helps you have confidence in your ideas (especially with the Blkkk t-shirt)? Also, how did people react to that shirt?

It helps me have confidence in myself, and people love that shirt, iAlways get asked to bring it back, but I’m over it.

I feel that, and do you only run your clothing once or do you tend to restock pieces that you are still a fan of?

iRestock what sells, lol.

Where did the name LoLo come from?

My homie Edmund. In junior high he started callin me Lorenzo and iAlways liked that name, so iEnded up shortening in, now I’m LoLo.

When did you start doing music?

Man, iStarted doing music as a rapper when iWas kinda young so iCan’t remember, but my mom would throw out my raps so iProduced music. didn’t really start taking things serious until like maybe 2 years ago.

Why was your mom throwing out your raps?

Because she was strict until iGot older.

What does the phrase “the revolution will not be televised” that you used for a collection mean to you? And what is the “revolution” that you are going for with Blur Visuals?

iDon’t really like to explain the concepts of my projects.

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I respect it. Where do you find inspiration from for Blur Visuals?

iFind inspiration from everything really. Lately iBeen pulling inspiration from the sky and the clouds. If you pay attention to the color selection you can tell.

How did you get the opportunity to do a show in the Museum of Fine Arts?

iKnew the person who was planning the event and she asked me to be in it, that was a blessing frfr.

How did you choose the models to be in it?

For the show, iWanted to put my friends on, so that’s pretty much why iChose them.

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How do you go about promoting your brand and getting it out there?

iDon’t anymore really, people just find it.

Getting into your music, do you sit down with intention of making a beat, or do you only make them when you’re inspired?

I’m literally almost always making music. If there’s a day that iGo without making music, iJust don’t feel right. Either that or listening to music and tryna learn from that producer.

What producers are you most inspired by?

Metro, Latrell James, and TM88.

Have you worked with Latrell at all?

Naw, iHaven’t.

How do you go about getting beat placements on new songs or projects?

If there is an artist that iThink their sound matches mine, or could match mine, then iSend them music. A lot of times people come to me for work also.

What artists are you looking to work with right now?

I’m really tryna work with Larry June.

He’s on fire right now especially the new tape out. How did the collaboration with Maka come up?

Yeah, he’s doing really good. And iJust DM’d Maka and told him I’m tryna work. We got another one, too; I’ll spill the beans on that one, it sounds nothin like “Sessions.” Maka one of the coolest people ever.

I’m excited for it. Have you met Maka since then?

Of course, that’s my guy, he lemme pullup whenever.

How did you start to meet other artists in Brockton and around Boston?

iJust be chillin with people really. If there’s a mutual desire to work then we do; if not, maybe in the future.

I feel you. How do you feel about seeing Brockton and the whole Boston area really develop a solid rap scene? How do you want to able to say you contributed to that growth?

It’s dope/inspiring and iJust wanna contribute by makin great music.

Definitely. You have been known to have a somewhat darker style, so how was it for you switching that up to make a bubblegum trap kind of beat for Maka with “Sessions”?

Well, now iConsider myself a musician more than anything, so if you’re a musician you should be able to make any sound. It’s just using the same tool (the keyboard) in a different way.

I feel you. When did you learn to play the keyboard?

My homie Isaiah Valmont be givin me some pointers and helps whenever iHave questions, but iMostly teach myself over time.

Have your parents started to support your music now that they see you working with other artists and really getting out there?

Yeah, my moms all for it now that she sees artists paying me for beats, lol, but they still want me to go to school and shit.

Are you in school right now?

Yeah, iGo to the School of Fashion Design on Newbury Street.

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Oh, that’s tight. Do you ever find it difficult juggling being a student at the same time as being a designer and a producer?

Well, right now, minus what I’m doing in school, I’m not doing any designing, and I’m only taking one class at the moment, so the rest of the time I’m just making music, so naw.

Gotcha. What projects have you worked on in school that you have really enjoyed?

iDesigned this women’s F/W collection, it was all drawn, tho, iGot it all in a portfolio book, VERY RARE, TOP SECRET.

Will that ever be released?

Aye man, just gotta wait and see, it’d probably be pretty expensive to produce.

That’s true. With Blur Visuals, do you ever see yourself collaborating with other brands and designers?

No, not any time soon.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to try out other creative things such as film or anything else?

I’m gonna be a director, iFeel like I’d be good at that.

Have you ever tried it out? And do you want to do music videos or fashion related videos? Or would you rather do short films and things like that?

Kinda, not really, and all art is related. iWanna direct everything.

Where do you want to be in 3 years?

I don’t know man, I’ll be wherever I’m supposed to be.

What’s it like for you seeing big sites post about Blur Visuals and seeing celebrities like Lil Uzi Vert rep it? Does it confirm for you that this was meant to be?

Eh, maybe, and Lil Uzi in that tee was dope.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.04.18 PM.png

That’s crazy. Do you go to a lot of events in the city?

Yeah, iUsed to go to almost every one, but then iGot tired of em, lol. So now I’m stayin lowkey for a lil bit.

I feel. When did you first take notice that the Boston rap scene was growing to a point where some of the huge blogs and people from other cities started noticing?

iDon’t really care about who’s watching to be honest, but like… a few years ago, iJust started to feel a really good energy whenever iWent into the city, and I’d always happen to come around the right people. iThought it was just a me-thing but iGuess the whole city boomin. iDidn’t really feel it back in my home town, but it’s growing now.

Definitely, man. Brockton is very exciting right now with all the music coming out. Do you think you ever want to move away?

Unless Brockton gets any better I’m gettin outta here for sure.

What fuels you to wake up every day and produce?

Shit, it’s just what iLove to do.

When you started doing it, did you know it was what you wanted to do professionally rather than just keep it as a hobby?

Naw, iDidn’t really know until people started saying they believe in me.

How long had you been doing it at that point?

iMean, iBeen doing some form of art forever, but like, iThink iFinally found my niche with producing.

I feel. What are your goals for 2017 in fashion and music?

Well, in 2017 fashion-wise, iWant to further my knowledge of constructing pieces, which I’ll do by passing construction class, lol, and in music, iJust wanna stay consistent.

Are there any artists besides Maka that we can see you working with soon?

Pretty much the homies I’ve worked with already, but iDon’t name drop so yall just gotta wait and see.

By: Seamus Fay

 After interview LoLoTheGod, it is even more evident to me that he’s fueled by his own creativity. He is always looking to create and to challenge himself, which will help him greatly as his career progresses and he becomes even more popular. I’m excited for what LoLo has coming, especially with his tendency to surprise everyone and change his style up quite often. Thank you for the opportunity, LoLo, and I wish you the best of luck in 2017.


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