Watch Out For Lord Felix

By: Seamus Fay

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.46.30 PM.png
Lord Felix Pictured Middle

Brockton’s Lord Felix is one of the most creative and professional artists coming out of the area that I have seen in a while. Not only does he make incredible music, but he also has his own clothing brand, AMERIKANAH, which is helping him to launch a merch line for his upcoming project. Felix’s ability to use the resources he has to create a strong aesthetic and professional quality videos and music are unmatched by many. In addition, his image is very engaging. People immediately care more when they see the Daft Punk-like mask he wears over his eyes, curious as to what it is and building up the talk around the young artist.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.36.05 PM.png

He hasn’t released much besides a few songs (most of which have been deleted) and some promotional videos for his upcoming project Flowers coming in “early 2017”. The only song he has on Soundcloud other than a reposted feature verse he did is a Kaytranada-produced masterpiece called “Weight Off”. It’s a blend of aggressive, distorted verses that showcase immense passion and storytelling over a hard baseline interrupted by smooth chords making room for the chorus. But more on that later. Below are some of the snippets and promotional videos/pictures that Lord Felix has released to build hype for his project.

This is a promotional video for Flowers also previewing a song that I’m assuming is on the project. The organized chaos of the song and gritty, hungry delivery mixes extremely well with the older effect on the video and the messy images of the studio with speakers piled on top of each other and boxes everywhere. It’s another example of Felix’s talent to create such a strong feeling in a 16-second video just using simple effects and a random scene of the studio. Also, can we mention how tight this song sounds?

This video promoting “Weight Off” showcases his ability to use simplicity to create a strong aesthetic that perfectly illustrates the song and his attention to detail. The plant starts to burn as the beat goes in, slowly falling apart representing the topic of the song: Lord Felix’s tough year. He details the heartbreak he went through and the loss of friends and family he suffered, building up to the energy in the last verse. It all ends with a gritty and aggressive verse of Felix expressing all his anger and motivating himself for the upcoming year. The track is very well structured, quickly switching up with ease and giving light to many of Felix’s talents musically.

I done lost my best friend this year/ I was wishing I was dead this year/ I’ve been screaming “fuck the feds” this year/ Focus Felix, trying to switch up to the Benz this year

This video is perfect simply because every element of it goes so well together  Who but Lord Felix would have thought of mixing a Zelda intro with dialogue from Closer? The mask reminds me of Kevin Abstract’s infamous helmet, distancing Felix from the idea of just being a rapper, making him more mysterious in a sense. The clip makes the viewer more engaged in the whole persona of the artist as there seems to be a lot to him, yet not much is said or explained, adding to the mysteriousness of this character we are just getting to know.

This is a snippet of a song titled “Ferrari Felix” supposedly never coming out. The Skepta-esque flow and stone cold lyrics make for a complete banger. I hope this comes out at some point, but if not then we at least get a preview of how parts of Flowers may sound.

Ultimately, Lord Felix hasn’t been making music for a very long time, yet everything he drops seems like it took years of practice and training to make such a quality product. Even though he keeps it simple, everything is carefully done and highly engaging. Flowers is one of the projects I’m anticipating most this year, and if the promotional videos and snippets look like this, then I can’t imagine what’s coming.

Bonus: This is what Lord Felix says is the mood board for the project.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.21.55 PM.png

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