Pistola- Taxachusetts

By: Seamus Fay

Pistola is here with a new mixtape titled Taxachusetts. It showcases what he does best, making happy, carefree, trap-influenced songs that are catchy and can easily get a venue going (if you were at the Based Jam you know what I’m talking about). The project is 13 songs, two of which were released earlier titled “Pimpin Mac” and “Poland Spring”. One of my favorite parts of Pistola’s work is his high pitched adlibs, giving the song a left-field rap feel to it that makes it unique. His flow is slow, and it comes off with a Wintertime-feeling as it seems too easy (now that I think about it that collab would be amazing). Most of the production is done by LDGBeats and Johnny Tsunami, who seemed to have the feeling of the product down well, as every beat goes extremely well with the next making the project flow well. Some of my early favorites are “Poland Spring” , “IDGAF”, “Running With The Pack”, and “Dreams From The East”. You can hear the project below.



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